FREE CD! The "Green Box"
"It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."
Orrin Woodward alerts listeners to the existence of the Financial Matrix that has them unknowingly trapped in a world of overwhelming debt, little to no savings, and no foreseeable way out of their financial prison.

"I Don't Like The Idea That I'm Not In Control Of My Own Life." Neo, The Matrix, Warner Bros., 1999

Five Truths Revealed On This CD
 You Didn't Learn In School

  •  The Alarming Stats About Debt That Banks Don't Want You To See
  •  The #1 Strategy of Forbes Top 400 Wealthiest People in the World
  •  The 3 Key Strategies That Virtually Guarantee Your Escape From The Financial Matrix
  •  The 3 Things Robert Kiyosaki Says Every Billionaire Experienced
  •  The 3 Matrices The Powerful Have Used Throughout History To Control The Masses
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Here Are Just A Few Stories Of How Ordinary People, Just Like You, Have Managed to Escape The Financial Matrix...
"We were $212,000 in debt between mortgage debt, consumer debt and student loans. In the space of about three years we were able to pay that off." ~Chi Nwoke
"As we started to understand what financial fitness is all about we started to change our habits. After about four year we eclipsed about $300,000 in debt that we eliminated."
~Frank & Kourtney Cox
"We went from requiring about $11,000 a month to live on down to almost $3,000 a month to live on, and we live well."
~Ken & Kim Herman
"Six years ago we were $800,000 in debt...there looked like there was no way out...but we committed that somehow we were going to get it done. We're not out yet but we're closing in...the impossible has become very probable."
~Kevin & Lisa Ham
"We were always in debt for 19 years...society's pretty much telling us you can't enter here, you're not allowed here and that really put a bondage in everything that we do. In a year's time it felt really, really good to write off that last check." 
~Elmer & Anna Javier
A Quick Summary Of What You'll Learn in This FREE CD...
The Green Box
On this FREE CD, you'll discover why the Financial Matrix is a web of debt that enslaves you by enticing you to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't need to impress, forcing you to keep doing...because you have to - not because you want to...things you once just enjoyed doing.
Escape the Financial Matrix
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